Winchester Ammo, USA 380Auto 95Gr. FMJ/50

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Winchester Ammo, USA 380Auto 95Gr. FMJ/50
No.DescriptionSale Price
9255-GS USA 380Auto 95Gr. FMJ/50 380 Auto, USA 95gr., Full Metal Jacket, (Per 50)
MFG No: Q4206
UPC: 20892201972
$ 25.95 $20.91

For serious centerfire handgun shooters, USA Brand ammunition is the ideal choice for training-or extended sessions at the range. As you'd expect, all USA Brand centerfire handgun ammunition features high quality and reliability at a low price.

- Positive functioning
- No expansion
- Good accuracy
- No barrel leading

Symbol: Q4206
Caliber: 380 Automatic
Bullet Weight: 95 Grains
Type: Full Metal Jacket

Velocity Feet Per Second:
- Muzzle: 955
- 50yds: 865

Energy in Foot Pounds:
- Muzzle: 190
- 50yds: 160

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